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MARTA - 24 Hour Hackathon

  • Event: MARTA Hackathon, Smart City + IoT
  • Services: User Experience, Development, Rapid Prototype
  • Timeframe: 24 Hours
  • The Request: In the second event of their civic hackathon series, MARTA chose a focus on Smart City + Internet of Things to leverage as tools for the event. MARTA and the City of Atlanta were seeking solutions from the community for specific challenges using a combination of their current technologies, public API’s and real time data sets. The Meteor Shower team participated in the hackathon, focusing on the objective of using IoT to help increase MARTA’s new ridership, assist users with finding point of interests around stations, help users navigate stations, and get to their final destinations after they disembark the trains.
  • The Results: With the user’s experience in mind, our team began by re-imaging what the trip of a more connected kiosk and ticketing system could be for a new MARTA rider. We saw the problem with new ridership at the point where new riders first interacted with the MARTA kiosks. People coming into the city had a difficult time figuring out the routes and the purchasing of fares. The current system is outdated and confusing to use. This led to the vision of creating interactive displays for customers that would help guide a rider in all aspects of their trip. In 24 hours, the team rapidly prototyped from paper sketches to a functional kiosk simulated with an iPad app and a full stack web app with connected SMS capabilities. We understood the users have preconditioned habits from using ubiquitous technology such as Google Maps and SMS text. Our solution bridge the missing user experience gaps that MARTA currently lacked. We eliminated confusion by providing a guided experience to help the user in their path; the user does not have to know which mobile app to download nor do they have to learn/setup a new mobile app. All they have to do is to read our guided messaging on the kiosk and their SMS from their phone, something nearly everyone knows how to do.
  • The Meteor Shower team placed 2nd overall.