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Mercedes-Benz Digital Challenge

  • Event: Building Digital Solutions for the Car of the Future
  • Services: User Experience, iOS Development, Rapid Prototyping
  • The Request: The Mercedes-Benz challenge sought to building digital solutions for their fleet of vehicles using 80+ APIs offered from Mercedes. The focus was to design and develop a rapid prototype that could leverage the capabilities offered by Mercedes and offer new business opportunities that could reshape the automotive industry.

  • The Results: Meteor Shower wanted to focus on the next generation of drivers for Mercedes, electric vehicle owners. EV Owners rely on a set schedule when driving based on their mileage range. With few and in between charging stations, it becomes difficult to make sudden changes to their daily drive especially when it comes to emergencies. Customers' liquid expectations seek to provide new services beyond owning a vehicle. That's where Meteor Shower came in and designed the future dashboard experience for EV Owners with proactive messaging. Taking into account a driver's final destinations vs their max range, the system provides near by charging stations that are available for us for a driver to make a quick stop in order to complete their final destination. Even moreso, new services like emegency roadside assistance can be provided by Mercedes when drivers are stranded without the customer having to worry on who to call or what to do next..