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STEER - Personal Auto Conceirge

  • Client: Steer, Inc.
  • Services: Strategy, Concepting, Design, Development
  • Timeframe: 2 Months
  • The Request: The client came in with the ask of creating a new business website for internional students who did not have experience purchasing and selling vehicles. The client wanted a versatile responsive website with a professional look appeal. The website should have the ability to switch languages, give need to know information, and provide regular updates including an inventory of listings. However, M.S. took the opportunity to further that experience by performing research on the car buying experience for users without credit and how to bridge those communication gaps they might have at dealerships.
  • The Results: In the course of 2 months, the client received an extensive readout including personas, journey maps, and concepts. A responsive website was built with key features including communication and inventory listings where the user could easily update without heavy code or html knowledge. This has lead to several referrals due to its versatile language translations and professional look and appeal.