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TalkLingo - Language Translator

  • Client: TalkLingo
  • Services: Concepting, User Experience, Rapid Prototyping, Website Redesign and Development
  • Timeframe: 2 Months
  • The Request: TalkLingo is an on demand language translator service, where customers could purchase credits towards language translation services for speaking, documents, and localization. Starting as a concept, the TalkLingo founder was looking for a team to help him turn idea into a tangible product on a tight deadline to meet potential contract expectations.

  • The Results: With the requirements, the MS team began by focusing on ironing out the idea’s concept. A flow was then created and iterated on for the iOS app, which was then handed off to their development team. The MS team also redesigned and implemented a new landing page for the product, working closely with the founder to incorporate specific requests. By doing so in an aggressive timeline, the TalkLingo team quickly gained the ability to begin marketing to their potential clients.