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Tallyy - Tell Me What You Think

  • Client: Panivu, Inc.
  • Services: User Research, User Experience, Visual Design, Development
  • Timeframe: 6 Months + Additonal Upgrades
  • The Request: The Panivu team had an initial idea and concept for a social networking application, and they had created a basic functioning implementation for beta testing. However, Panivu had sought to improve their app and user experience. The project had a tight schedule aiming for a targeted release date on the iOS App Store that was given to potential stakeholders. Simplicity and intuitiveness were the key requests by the client to kickoff their brand.

  • The Results: The MS team began by analyzing the audience of the app and created an initial user flow. By conducting user testing, the flow was iterated and then adapted and designed to Panivu’s requested colors. In 3 months, the team developed the iOS app from concept to the App Store, meeting the required deadline, including a period for beta testing. After release, the MS team continued to provide additional user testing, surveying, and development for additional functionalities requested by Tallyy’s user-base.